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Appalachian Truffle Plants


Thanks to cutting-edge inoculation methods developed by ArborInnov, our company produces seedlings for the Appalachian truffle plant. Also known as tuber canaliculatum, the Appalachian truffle is a rare truffle variety found throughout the Appalachian Mountains, Michigan, and Massachusetts. The Appalachian truffle has a powerful, sweet, and musky aroma adding an exquisite touch to risotto, pasta, or eggs.

Our process uses many different tree species to produce high-quality truffle plants. We offer certified, top quality Appalachian truffle plants cultivated in Vermont.

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The Appalachian truffle’s cinnamon-colored skin and black and white flesh is one of North America’s best kept secrets. Contact us for more information about purchasing seedlings!

"If the white is the Lamborghini of truffles, and the black winter is the Rolls-Royce, this is the Aston Martin: Classy, subdued, intensely pleasing.”
- Rowan Jacobsen
Author of Truffle Hound

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